When you’re looking to have your roof replaced in Chesapeake, it’s extremely important to make sure you ask the right questions so you can have a successful roof replacement. Here are the top 5 most critical questions to have answered by your Chesapeake roofing company.

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What Materials Will Be Used for My Roof Replacement?

Your new roof will most likely be made out of shingles, membrane, or metal. You and your roofing contractor can discuss plans beforehand to decide which material is best for your house. Some factors taken into consideration will be the shape of your roof, the underlayment of your house, and the surrounding environment. Learn more about the best shingles for a Chesapeake roof replacement.

How Long Will a Roof Replacement Take?

On the day of your roof inspection, we will take a satellite image for dimensions and pricing purposes. We usually send a price estimate on the same day, and we’ll provide a link for you to choose between roof material and color options. Once these are chosen, we will look for a few days of clear weather so we can tear off your old roof and install the new one. It can take anywhere between just one day and about a week, depending on the material and size of the roof. It is usually quicker to install shingles than metal roofs.

What Will the Roof Replacement Cost?

There are lots of factors that can affect the price of a Chesapeake roof replacement, such as the shape of your roof, the material you want, any damage your current roof has, and the size of your house. Since roof replacements are priced per square foot, you can count on a higher price if you have a house on the larger side. Check out our previous post about how much a roof replacement costs in Virginia Beach.

How Long Will My New Roof Last?

This also depends on the type of roof you want. Roofs built with architectural shingles usually come with a factory warranty of 20 years, metal roofs have a lifetime guarantee, and membrane roofs have a warranty of 25 years. To make sure your roof stays in great quality for the longest time possible, it’s important to do regular maintenance.

What Kind of Roof Maintenance Would You Recommend?

It’s a good idea to perform some routine checks on your roof on a consistent basis. This can be as simple as making sure there isn’t a buildup of pine needles, sticks, or leaves on the roof, checking after a heavy storm for any damage that your roof might have experienced, and looking in your attic a few times a year to see if there are any signs of water intrusion. These are all things you can easily do without hiring a professional, and they can ensure that your roof lasts as long as possible. Learn more about our residential roof replacement and repair services.

What Happens to My Old Roof?

A great roofing contractor will leave your property completely clean after a roof replacement. While working on your roof, we set up tarps from the eaves to the ground to catch any shingles, nails, or other debris from getting in your yard. We have a dumpster on site that gets picked up anytime it gets full, and once the roof is finished we go over your yard with a magnetic device to pick up any nails that might have slipped off of the tarp.

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