The average Virginia Beach roof replacement will cost between $5,800 to $12,000. Homeowners curious about the cost of a roof replacement in Chesapeake, VA and other areas in Hampton Roads should anticipate similar costs when budgeting for a roof replacement.

No matter where you are located in Hampton Roads, the cost of a roof replacement will come down to a few key factors. Things like the size of your roof, roof pitch, any existing roof damage, and overall roof design will directly influence the cost of roofing materials and labor required for a roof replacement (and ultimately the total price of a Virginia Beach roof replacement).

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Main Contributors to Roof Replacement Costs

While costs for roof replacements in Virginia Beach will vary dramatically from project-to-project, there are a few main contributing factors to keep in mind for any roof replacement performed in Hampton Roads. Homeowners in Virginia Beach should be aware that the cost of a roof replacement can vary greatly depending on several factors. Influencing costs are size, pitch and existing damage to repair; lumber prices; as well as special design elements desired for your new roof replacement home improvement project. Investing time now into understanding these components will help ensure you make an informed decision when selecting your next roof replacement company!

Roof Size

How big is your roof? Do you have to replace the entire roof, or only part of it?

Roof replacements are based on a price per square foot, which will vary depending on the materials used. We always recommend replacing the entire roof, as a partial roof replacement may result in unwanted damage to your home due to existing roof damage going unnoticed. Even if a complete roof replacement isn’t necessary, you may consider replacing all shingles for color consistency. Generally, finding the same color and brand of shingle does not guarantee a match, as they may look different from new shingles due to weathering, resulting in mismatched shingles for your roof replacement. 

Roof size is an important factor to consider when planning a roof replacement, as it can dramatically affect not just the cost of installation but also which materials and structural elements should be used. Larger roofs will generally require more building supplies and labor hours for completion – often requiring additional support structures – making their replacements more expensive when compared smaller roofs. It’s also crucial that homeowners with larger roofs select specially designed shingles engineered to handle bigger heights or slopes.

Roof size is a main contributor to the cost of a new roof in Virginia Beach. A larger roof will have more existing materials for your local roofing contractors to remove and dispose of than a smaller roof would. A larger roof will also require more materials and labor to complete a replacement.

Roof Pitch (Roof Incline)

When you’re reviewing roof replacement costs in Virginia Beach, you’ll need to consider the pitch of your roof. The pitch of the roof measures how sharp the incline is. The roof’s pitch is how high your roof gets with each foot of depth (the steeper the roof, the more complex the roof replacement is to perform).

The pitch of your roof can also impact the total cost of your roof replacement. Roofs with steeper pitches generally require more labor and materials to complete, resulting in a more expensive roof replacement when compared to a roof with a more shallow pitch. Roofing material cost may also increase on roofs with a steeper pitch, as certain roofing materials are unsuitable for roofs with steeper pitches, resulting in your roofing company suggesting more expensive roofing materials.

The sharper a roof pitch is, the more dangerous and complicated a roof replacement is for your local Virginia Beach roofing contractor to complete. Because of this, a lower sloped roof will cost less to replace than a roof with steeper pitches. 

Existing Roof Damage

When you’re budgeting for your new roof replacement cost in Virginia Beach, existing damage is a concern to keep in mind. While pre-repair inspections can help your contractors discover roof issues early, some issues cannot be uncovered until the roof replacement project is underway. Consider saving extra budget for unexpected damages when calculating your roof replacement cost in Virginia Beach.

The condition of your roof can also play a role in the cost of roof replacement. If there is existing roof damage such as leaks or roof rot, roofers may need to spend more time and resources on repairs rather than the roof replacement itself. Additionally, if roofing materials have been severely damaged due to water exposure or other factors, roofers may need to remove and replace more sections of your roof than originally planned for. Existing roof damage can require additional structural support which increases overall costs associated with new roof installations.

The most common type of damage found during a roof replacement is water damaged sheathing. When inspecting a customer’s roof, we work to find all compromised areas of damaged sheathing and other potential problem areas. However, sometimes roofing contractors cannot determine the full extent of damage until all old and damaged roofing materials have been removed.  

Lumber Price Trends

Directly tied to roof size and existing roof damage are current lumber prices. The larger your roof is, the more materials required to complete a roof replacement. If your roof has extensive damages requiring more materials, cost may fluctuate based on current lumber market price trends.

In addition to roof size, roof pitch and existing roof damage, the cost of roofing materials can also be impacted by fluctuating lumber prices. As roofing materials are often made from wood derivatives, recent changes in lumber costs have directly their price as well. When lumber prices go up, roofers may need to adjust the total cost of roof replacements as roofing material costs increase. It is important for homeowners to work with experienced roofers who can provide accurate estimates that include any potential adjustments due to changes in material costs. This way, homeowners can get an accurate estimate for their roof replacement project and ensure that they are getting the best value for their money.

While lumber is still relatively higher priced today compared to years past, lumber prices have decreased in Hampton Roads and nationally, and continue to trend downward into 2023 and 2024.

Roof Design Elements

Roof design is another element that can greatly impact the cost of your roof replacement in Virginia Beach.

A simple roof on an A-frame home will take little trouble to remove and replace; your roofer will waste fewer shingles due to fewer custom modifications. A more simplified roof design allows your local roofer to use the full shingle and cover roof space with each shingle secured to your roof.

On the other hand, a more complex roof design may require a roofer to cut shingles into various sizes to fit roof dimensions, resulting in significant materials being wasted during your roof replacement.

Luxury homes and larger sized homes may also require more roofing materials, additional labor, and specialized roof designs to complete a roof replacement. Roofs with complex design elements such as turrets, cupolas, valleys, dormers, or skylights may require extra framing or roofing material due to their unique shape. Additionally, luxury homes with multiple stories will need more roofing materials to cover the larger area which can lead to higher roof replacement costs. It is important for homeowners of these types of properties to be aware of potential increased costs before beginning a roof replacement project so that they have an accurate understanding of the total cost.

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